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Starting Campaign 19

Tuesday, August 20 2013

Campaign 19 features our New make up collection! With TRUE COLOR TECHNOLOGY! What you see is what you get. Our new#1 lipstick has never been better.there are 55 vivid stay true colors, in 3 fabulous finishes. They are designed for Every skin tone. And the tube has a see through top, so you can instantly she your shade. We also have a wonderful new ultra color crayon for your lips. It glides on and is shimmery high shine finish. And don't forget the new gorgeous glazed lip gloss, in 23 brilliant color true shades. Oh did I forget to mention the beautiful black beauty bag $15 value, that you can get with a $20 make up purchase in pages 8-21!! Oh you will love this bag, it cannot be purchased separately. And it will only be offered during this 2 week c19 selling time. I won't be allowed to back order. So get your order in now and receive the beautiful BEAUTY BAG, free!!

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